Dr. R.K. Abhilashi
We are witnessing changes across frontiers and in all areas of life. Paradigm shifts have never been or regular and frequent as now. And, we are no exception.
Standards of performance are being redefined and reassessed keeping face with the ever changing and unpredictable market forces.
TRAMIET selected innovation and creativity to be the guiding forces of our vision to create a hub of higher education. With this in mind, we have marched steadily towards our aim to provide responsible citizens who will participate in nation building.
Education is our religion and quality is our motto, is the driving force motivating the society to work with total commitment towards excellence in every endeavor. It seeks to develop in each member of its organization the ability and passion to work wisely creatively and effectively for the betterment of humankind. I invite you to have a peep into the world of TRAMIET and it shall be my pleasure to have you visit us at your convenience.
Dr. R.K. Abhilashi